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About me

Hello, my name is Jason. For many years I have written stories, poetry, and various other things only to delete them. The spirits of fear and self-doubt would always tell me that I wasn’t good enough or that no one would think my stories were any good.

Yet there is another still small voice that says those spirits are liars. I will no longer be held back by the enemy’s lies. God created us to shine. He doesn’t want a single one of us to hide our light under a bushel.
Here, I will put down my thoughts and ideas. I have a few bigger projects that I am developing. I also intend to make regular short content on, at least, a weekly basis. Come along with me on a journey to find the stories that live in my mind.

Talk to ME

Have any questions? I am always open to talking about your business projects and creative opportunities. How I can help you?