The 3rd Day

The 3rd Day

I wrote this on Easter in 2015. It popped up on my memories on my Facebook page, and I thought I would add it.

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Because he lives,
I am free.
My Lord and Savior
Died for me.


He did not stay,
Inside the tomb.
Just like we don’t,
Stay in the womb.


Emerging from,
The cold, hard stone,
He carried away,
The sin we owned.


The clouds parted,
And welcomed Him nigh.
As He went to his place,
With the Father on high.


Just like with the Tomb,
He won’t stay in the cloud.
One day He’ll appear,

With trumpets so loud.


We’ll rise up to meet Him,
And rejoice with our Friend.
You see the cross was the beginning,
Not merely the end.

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