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Grace on Repeat

Grace on Repeat

Like the cycle of life, the grace of God repeats throughout every generation until the rolling up of the scroll.

In the heart of ancient Egypt’s land,

Moses stood with staff in hand,

A humble shepherd, a chosen one,

To lead his people to a new home.


Through parted seas and trials untold,

God’s love for them did brightly unfold,

A burning bush, a guiding light,

His presence shone into the night.


In David’s time, a shepherd too,

A king anointed, strong and true,

With harp in hand, he sang God’s praise,

In psalms of love, his voice did raise.


Through battles fierce and giant’s might,

He knew God’s love, his guiding light,

A shepherd’s heart, a warrior’s soul,

In God’s embrace, he found his goal.


Then came the Son, in manger’s stall,

A baby born to save us all,

Jesus, the Christ, God’s perfect grace,

In humble form, He took His place.


With love that healed and words that stirred,

He spread God’s message, undeterred,

A cross He bore, our debt now paid,

He became sin, to make us a way.


From Moses to David and onward still,

God’s word will not return unfulfilled,

In every tale, in every age,

His love is written on history’s page.


A love that parts the sea’s great tide,

That guides us through life’s stormy ride,

In Jesus, we find the evidence of,

The testimony of God’s great love.

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