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Second Place

Second Place

She will always choose something or someone else, yet he waits for the day he will be first.

In a realm where choices intertwine,
A tale of love’s elusive bind,
There lived a wife of fleeting heart,
Whose priorities would oft’ depart.

Her husband stood with open arms,
Yearning for her loving charms,
But she would chase distractions wild,
Leaving him alone, beguiled.

The sun would set, the moon would rise,
Yet he’d find himself in silent sighs,
For her attention was often caught,
By things that left him lost in thought.

A book, a screen, a world unseen,
All held her gaze, like a captivating dream,
He’d wait for her, a patient soul,
As her interests shifted and took their toll.

He’d ask for walks beneath the stars,
Or dinners shared at rustic bars,
Yet commitments to tasks and trends,
Pulled her away, like fickle winds.

He loved her still, with a heart so true,
But often felt he was second in view,
The husband’s patience knew no end,
As he yearned for his heart to mend.

For deep within, their bond remained,
A love that trials could not restrain,
He hoped one day her eyes would see,
The love he held unconditionally.

In time, perhaps, she’d realize,
That love’s true beauty never dies,
And though she wandered far and wide,
Beside him was where her heart should bide.

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