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Nightmares in a Quiet Place

Nightmares in a Quiet Place

Amidst the shadows deep and wide,

A lonely feeling creeps inside.

A heart that aches, a soul that’s blue,

They feel so real and ring so true.


The quiet whispers fill the air,

Reminding me of times we shared.

The laughter that echoed, now just a trace,

Leaving behind an empty space.


Stars above, distant, and cold,

Witness to a story untold,

A tapestry of sorry, I’m woven alone,

A masterpiece of melancholy, softly sewn.


Memories come, like waves on the shore,

Moments of joy now felt no more.

But in this solitude, I see,

The chance to grow, to be set free.


Loneliness holds me in its sway,

Yet, it teaches me lessons day by day.

Sadness and pain, they cut like a knife,

But through them, I learn about life.


The night wraps around like a gentle hug,

An unending darkness through which I trudge.

In the embrace of the quiet dark,

I find strength to mend my broken heart.


So, night unfolds its harrowing tale,

I learn to navigate; I learn to sail.

Through solitude’s journey, I’ll find my way,

To a brighter dawn, to a brand-new day.

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