Broken Promise

Broken Promise

In the shadows’ grasp, a story unfolds,

Of love once vibrant, now turning cold.

A hushed whisper carried on the breeze,

A heart torn between truth and deceit.


There was a time when hearts beat as one,

Two souls entwined under the golden sun.

But deep within, a secret lay,

A song of lies sung day by day.


Her laughter sparkled, her eyes held light,

Yet in the darkness, another took flight.

A lover’s whisper, a stolen touch,

Leaving fractured dreams in their rush.


The path of betrayal is a treacherous game,

A heart led astray, a soul in flame.

Her husband’s love, an unspoken plea,

Unaware of the affair that she’d unleashed.


Oh, the agony of love betrayed,

In the heart’s chamber, a wound displayed.

Tears that fall like rain in the night,

As truth unfolds and shatters what’s right.


Love is a tapestry woven with care,

Two souls intertwining, a journey to bear.

In forgiveness or choosing to part,

The aftermath of cheating may break a heart.


May healing find those torn apart,

As they navigate love’s intricate art.

In the mosaic of life’s grand theme,

Lessons learned, scars fade, hope gleams.

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